Côte Brasserie – Review

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Côte was always one of those chain restaurants I avoided. The French brasserie chain certainly wouldn’t have got anywhere near my top 10 chain restaurants for vegetarians. So when I was invited along to review their new vegetarian menu, I accepted with a mix of curiosity and trepidation. I was half expecting the classic botch job of many chains: collecting their pitiful handful of veggie options onto a separate piece of paper with the dessert menu and claiming that they’d put together a whole separate menu. To my excitement, I found no such thing, not only have Cote deisgned a brand new menu of tasty vegetarian dishes with great choice, they’ve re-invented their French classics to allow us veggies to enjoy them for the first time!


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Veggie Pros
  • Separate vegetarian & vegan menu with a large range of tasty options.
  • Vegetarian and vegan wine and drinks menu – something I’ve never seen in other restaurants
  • French classics reinvented- like French Onion soup with veggie friendly cheese. Delicious!

Veggie Cons
  • The menu is pretty reliant on cream, eggs and cheese and therefore not that vegan friendly.


Veggie LAD Recommends

French Onion Soup

Mushroom Brioche

Asparagus Risotto

Sausage with Salardaise Potatoes

Praline Crepes

Veggie LAD Verdict

 The LADS and LASSES at Côte have put together a really great vegetarian menu here and it’s great to see them make so much more effort than your average large chain. The specially designed menu items and vegetarian wine list show them really going the extra mile. It’s just a shame they haven’t given vegans the same consideration as you’d still be struggling here. A big step in the right direction though, well done Côte!

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Côte Website

Côte Instagram

The Best Vegetarian Brunch In London? 90 Degree Melt Review



90 Degree Melt opened up in late 2016 but I hadn’t heard about it until my foodie pal Jess Eating East told me I HAD to visit. One look at the menu and I was straight down there for Sunday brunch. What I found, was one of the best vegetarian brunches I’d ever had! Founded by Nidhi Sharma, an incredibly passionate Veggie LASS, 90 Degree Melt is all about delicious American-inspired comfort food, serving incredible grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the week. At the weekend they turn it on brunch style with epic scrambled eggs, Shakshuka bowls, French toast all washed down with boozy Mimosas.



235 Mile End Road, London, E1 4AA


Veggie Pros
  • It’s all vegetarian! Lots of vegan options too. I still never get over sitting down in a restaurant and being able to order EVERYTHING.
  • Delicious, American inspired dishes with epic asian and middle-eastern twists.
  • Incredible value for money. LAD-sized portions at very reasonable prices (the scrambled eggs were only £6 and LOOK AT THEM!)

Scrambled Eggs 90 Degree Melt Veggie LAD

Veggie Cons
  • Nothing to see here in terms of the food, there’s something for everyone and it’s all delicious.
  • It is quite a way out East so is quite an odyssey. Totally worth it though.


Veggie LAD Recommends

Fried Grilled Cheese Balls

Scrambled Eggs

Green Shakshuka

French Toast



Veggie LAD Verdict

Just go here! You won’t be disappointed. This is also one of the best examples I’ve seen of a place that’s ideal to take your non-veggie mates to. The portions are epic, the flavours are massive and the setting is laid back and cool. What more could a hungry LAD ask for?


Give me some of that!

90 Degree Melt on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram

Take a look at the 90 Degree Melt Website.


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