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Welcome to my first Veggie LAD adventure blog! Here I’ll be documenting all the mischief I get up to on my quest to vegify the world. In this first instalment I attend my first blogging event with Glow Goddess and part-time Veggie LASS Madeleine Shaw!

I have to admit, I couldn’t quite believe it when an email arrived in my inbox inviting me to this event. My blog has been going less than a month and here I was joining some really great and experienced food and health bloggers at an awesome, interactive cooking class! The event was sponsored by Seasonal Berries who represent everyone who as anything to do with berries in the UK. This was the launch of their #EatSmartWithMadeleine campaign which will share Madeleine’s most delicious and healthy berry recipes.

Madeleine herself was a top LASS! She was full of questions about Veggie LAD and seemed to be in her element. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become a household name in the next year or so. She already is amongst lots of my mates!

We made two simple and delicious dishes on the day. The first: Frozen, yoghurt -dipped strawberries was a real crowd-pleaser. The second: quinoa and celeriac salad with raspberries was something I’d never tried before. It worked really nicely. We roasted the celeriac in honey and mustard and that combined with the raspberries was a flavourgasm.

quinoa and raspberry salad

yoghurt stwarberries

 I also met a group of top blogger LADS and LASSES who were really generous with advice and support as Veggie LAD targets world-domination!


We were treated to a goodie bag at the end. Who doesn’t love a goodie bag? They even found a LAD-appropriate apron and glove. Big love to the Seasonal Berries team and Madeleine herself. I had an awesome time at my first event and hopefully this is the first of many!

 Eat Smart with Madeleine 1
Celeriac baby! #EatSmartWithMadeleine _#vegan #vegetarian
Thank you so much to _madeleine_shaw_ and _seasonalberries for this amazing goodie-bag.jpg They even found a LAD apron
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