Vegan Christmas with John Lewis

John Lewis want to be Part of your Vegan Christmas this Year

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Now if there’s a bunch of LADS & LASSES that know Christmas, it’s the team at John Lewis. I’m sure you’ve been enjoying seeing #MozTheMonster grace your screens in the latest of their award-winning Christmas ads. It seems like Christmas doesn’t really start until the first screening of their latest piece of emotionally manipulative genius. So I was really excited when they invited me to an evening at the Waitrose Cookery school to check out their latest offerings for a Vegan and vegetarian Christmas.

They’ve made a Vegan Christmas Pudding!

That’s right! Those culinary wizards will be serving up vegan Christmas pudding for your Christmas table. I joined a load of awesome veggie bloggers to be shown how to make it. What’s more they’ve shared the recipe so you can have a go at making it at home. Click here for the recipe.

What about the rest of the meal?

The chefs and mixologists at the Waitrose Cookery school served up an epic feast for us hungry bloggers. check out these great Vegan Christmas ideas below:

Polenta vegan christmas veggie lad

Large sharing plates of creamy polenta mash topped with aubergine, lentil and roasted squash ragu.

Marsala sprouts with chestnuts.

Roasted carrots with pine nut sauce.

Whole onions stuffed with wild mushrooms, crunchy pangrattato. How good do these look?! They tasted bloody delicious too.

Christmas Negroni – what’s Christmas without copious amounts of booze? This awesome spin on the Negroni incorporates great Christmas flavours and is very simple to make. Combine 25ml Gin, 25ml Campari and 25ml Vermouth with spiced syrup, cranberry juice and ginger beer and give it a good stir. Top with a dehydrated orange.

And the biggest hit as far as I’m concerned: the roast potatoes. No goose fat or butter so 100% vegan. Roasted in vegetable oil with…wait for it…maple syrup! These are going on my Christmas table for sure!

Thanks again to John Lewis for the invite!

In search of epic veggie recipes? I got you…Click here.

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