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I’ll admit, ‘raw food’ sets off my fad alarm. I love cooking, it’s my passion and I also don’t think that cooking my food is going to lead me to an untimely death. However, new food experiences excite me so I went with an open mind to Rawligion, London’s newest raw food café. For me there was only one criteria: would it taste good? The answer, was a resounding yes.




 Talking to founder John, you’d think that Rawligion had investment from NASA. The amount of technical prowess involved in creating all the drinks and food is amazing. Cold pressed coffee, dehydrated falafels, triple filtered water… They offer a range of dishes ideal for a quick lunch. Listen to my interview with founder John here:



 Tottenham St, London

Veggie Pros
  • It’s all vegetarian! In fact, mostly vegan, the only non-vegan ingredient they use is honey.

  • Delicious, inventive and exciting dishes: salads, main courses and desserts.

  • Everything is organic and incredibly healthy.

  • An accessible introduction to raw food.

Veggie Cons
  • Some items are on the pricey side. There’s a juice for £8. It does have pomegranate and rose in it though which makes it taste like heaven.

  • As this is a new start-up the range is relatively small at the minute. That is sure to change quickly though as they’re coming up with new dishes every day.

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 Veggie LAD Verdict

 Raw food isn’t for everyone, and that’s exactly why Rawligion is so great. Yes, it’s all super healthy, organic this-that-and-the-other free but first and foremost they’ve created some delicious food and drinks with a cool, urban vibe. I’ll be back very soon!

Give Me Some Of That!

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