Chuku’s – Nigerian Tapas Lounge – Review

I’d never tried Nigerian food so I was excited to be invited to Chuku’s at their latest pop-up in east London. I left asking where Nigerian cuisine had been all my life?! Started by brother and sister team Ifey and Emeka, Chuku’s invites you to chop (eat), chat and chill!




Off East London’s infamous Brick Lane is the Canvas Café, which is currently playing host to pop-up Chuku’s. Billed as the ‘World’s First Nigerian Tapas Lounge’ (and who would dispute that) they serve up a perfectly formed selection of traditional Nigerian food with a modern twist. Plus the menu’s mostly veggie!


Canvas Café, 42 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL (until Friday 1st July, new locations announced soon)

Veggie Pros
  • It’s amazing to see a mostly vegetarian menu with a number of vegan friendly dishes. There’s chicken and prawns too if you want to satisfy your meaty mates!

  • All the dishes are delicious: flavour-packed with just the right amount of spice.

  • The fusion of Nigerian cuisine with tapas style dining is a really enjoyable experience and one to share with mates.

Veggie Cons
  • Unfortunately, Chuku’s is a pop-up so you won’t be able to go there all the time! Fingers crossed for them getting their own permanent location soon.

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Veggie LAD Verdict

Chuku’s serve up seriously delicious grub. The tapas style allows you to try a range of dishes and get a real taste of Nigeria. The Canvas café is a chilled, hip setting for their latest pop-up. The future’s bright for Chuku’s, eat there now so you can say you were there before they were famous!

Give Me Some Of That!

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