Good Life Foods – Frozen Vegetarian Products Review

Those top veggie LADS and LASSES from Good Life Foods have released a new range of frozen vegetarian foods. When they asked me to road-test them, I was only too happy to.


As you guys know, I love cooking from scratch but let’s face facts: when you come home late after a rainy commute home from work, the last thing you want to do is endless chopping and peeling and slow cook something which won’t be ready until you’re already fast asleep on the sofa.


That’s where Good Life come in, simple, tasty food you can whack in the oven and forget about. I was testing two of their new products: the Mushroom and Spinach Kievs and French Bean and Wensleydale sausages.


Mushroom and Spinach Kievs
Goodlife Mushroom and Spinach Kiev Veggie LAD

Ah the chicken kiev, something I can’t say I’ve missed since going vegetarian. A breaded mystery meat patty with some crappy cheese inside isn’t exactly what got my mouth watering. These mushroom and spinach versions from Good Life are a much better bet. I oven cooked them and served them with a simple rocket salad. The one drawback, I found that by the time they were cooked through, the cheese had already burst out from the centre, so I didn’t get that oozyness you associate with a Kiev. Only a slight criticism though, they’re a decent quick dinner.


French Bean and Wensleydale Sausages

Goodlife French Bean and Spinach Sausages Veggie LAD

These are great! I took them in to work for lunch one day and shared the love with my colleagues who were all fans too. The main piece of feedback was that the flavour isn’t very sausage like but I don’t think that’s a massive problem. They’re not trying to be meaty, they’re trying to do their own thing. The flavour’s really good. Just remember to prick them before putting them in the oven (unlike me) or they’ll burst and not look the best! I served them hot dog style with some punchy gherkin relish and some spinach leaves. A winner!


Want to get hold of some Good Life products for yourself? Check out your nearest stockist here.

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