The Spinaci is Back! Ristorante Spinaci Pizza Review

The King of Frozen Veggie Pizza is Back!

Ristorante Spinaci Veggie LAD

When I was a student, approximately 92% of my diet was Ristorante pizzas. Throw-in-the-oven simple, great tasting and you could always be sure of that perfect crispy base. So I was excited when Dr Oetker got in touch to let me know that they were bringing back the Spinaci, an absolute belter of a pizza!

What Dr Oetker Ristorante Say:


With a combination of leafy spinach, mozzarella, our signature sauce and swirls of delicious garlic sauce over the one-of-a-kind thin and crispy base – enjoying this vegetable has never been more delicious.

Vegetarian friendly and delicious, Ristorante Pizza Spinaci is the perfect choice for a night in – just sit back, relax and unwind from your day as the pizza cooks in the oven to perfection


Veggie LAD Verdict


Dr Oetker say they’ve had ‘unprecedented numbers of requests’ for the Spinaci to return since they first introduced it in 2013 and I can see why. The base is super crispy and the pizza tastes great. It also scores serious veggie points for being laden with spinach so you can even feel like you’re getting some nutrition. For those nights when you just can’t be bothered to cook, or when you’re having a house party this is a great shout.


This post was kindly sponsored by Dr Oetker Ristorante.

Veggie LAD

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  • I really enjoy this pizza. I was so happy when I received an email from Dr Oetker informing me that this product was back on the market. It was only available from Asda though. Have they withdrawn this delicious pizza now? I can’t see it on their website. Really disappointed if they have decided to not make it any more again. What’s wrong with people? This is the best one in the Ristorante range!

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