The Original Pizza Maker – Review

A few weeks ago I went to the Grand Designs Live show at Excel London to search out a product that might just revolutionise the way we enjoy pizza at home in this country.



The Original Pizza Maker aims to do what George Foreman did for the grill: taking a large, cumbersome, professional appliance and shrinking it down to counter-top size. The Original Pizza Maker is comparable in size to a 4 person George Foreman Grill, a bread machine, or juicer.

It’s basically a super-hot, tiny electric oven which heats up to 300°C. It comes with a stone base attachment which allows you to cook a pizza in 3-4 minutes! And the pizza’s good. Proper, thin crust, Italian pizza without needing a giant monstrosity in the back garden or an expensive slab of granite to put in your conventional oven.

It’s not all about pizza though, it comes with an aluminium pan attachment too. I tried garlic bread, baked potatoes, chips and even cake which was cooked in this pocket rocket oven! Because it’s sealed and super hot, it basically halves the cooking time of anything you’d cook in your conventional oven, making it ideal for weekday cooking.


I know what you’re thinking, this must be serious money. Well no actually, it sells for £119.95 including the stone bake attachment. They’ll even throw in a proper pizza cutter for you!

Veggie LAD Verdict

Where do I buy one?! I was seriously impressed by this little oven. It’s so simple to use and makes authentic Italian pizza a breeze and, with so many other uses,  it’s perfect for any kitchen.

Give Me Some of That!

The Original Pizza Maker Website

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