Super Simple Polenta Pizza Recipe (Gluten Free)

Polenta Pizza - Veggie LAD

At one point in my life, pizza made up approximately 90% of my diet. Nowadays, I’m keen to avoid takeaway chains whenever I can. They’re just not good for you (health or wallet wise!). So to fill my pizza cravings I started making my own. Here’s the thing though: making dough makes me rage. Like, actually raging angry. It sticks to everywhere, takes ages proving and rising and all that gubbins, I just can’t be bothered. So with this recipe I’ve stumbled across a super quick, rage-free base made from polenta! This also makes it Gluten Free so is great for all you intolerants out there. Big shout out to Essential Cuisine who hooked me up with some awesome veggie stock. I bet they didn’t think I’d be making pizza with it!