Moroccan Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus Recipe (Vegan)

Moroccan Butternut Squash Hummus - Veggie LAD

I think roasting butternut squash whole like this is hands down the best way to cook this goliath root veg. No peeling, no chopping, just gorgeous, sweet, soft flesh. Once you’ve roasted it, it has a whole range of uses but this is one of my favourites. You’ll need to use Ras el Hanout, which isn’t as scary as it sounds (it’s an amazing Moroccan/middle eastern spice mix which is available from most supermarkets). Dunk warm bread into this for pure heaven. It’s delicious chilled too.

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Tofu, Quinoa and Peanut Butter Veggie Burger Recipe (Vegan)

It’s about time I did a veggie burger isn’t it?! This is a real winner. It’s got a great burgery texture and big flavours. Instead of cooking the quinoa, I just used half a pack of Merchant Gourmet pre-cooked variety, much quicker! I served it with smashed avocado, sweet red pepper and cucumber slaw. These go great with my perfect Sweet Potato Fries. You can make the burgers in the time it takes to cook the fries in the oven.

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Perfect ‘No Fry’ Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Veggie LAD Sweet Potato Fries

Who doesn’t love Sweet Potato Fries? Over the last few years we’ve started to see them everywhere. Even Iceland supermarket! I’ve been on a quest to find the best recipe to make them at home without an expensive deep fryer. I think I’ve found it! Two not so secret ingredients (Rapeseed Oil and Polenta) make the crispiest, most banging fries. Make a bowlful and let your mates dig in!

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