Spiced Carrot Falafel Recipe (Vegan)

Veggie LAD falafel recipe

How has it taken me a year to post a falafel recipe? This vegetarian staple has taken over recently, with veggies and meat-eaters alike digging in to the middle-eastern speciality at a frightening rate. Who can blame them? A falafel wrap with crunchy salad, spicy sauce and a whole number of possible twists is a beautiful thing. It’s my go to takeaway, but these home made falafels are incredibly simple and super delicious. Also, as they’re baked in the oven, they’re a lot healthier than their deep-fried cousins.


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Black Beans vs Beef – Clash of the Titans (Guest Post)

Black Beans vs Beef Veggie LAD

I am so excited to be publishing my very first guest post! It comes from West End actor and converted Veggie LAD, Stewart Clarke. He’s been on a mission to go plant-powered. As a man who has, thus far, made a living from playing parts which involve him whipping out his torso, you can trust that Stewart is proof that going veggie/vegan doesn’t compromise performance in the gym. Here, he sets up a show-down of epic proportions. Who will win? Beef or Black Beans?

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