Savisto Pizza Stone Review

Stone Baked Pizza in your home oven!

savisto-pizza-stoneI love pizza, who doesn’t? But making it at home has always been a frustration. I’ve always struggled to get that super crispy base you get in authentic pizzerias.  So I was thrilled when Savisto kindly sent me this ceramic pizza stone to try out.

Here’s what Savisto say about it:

The Savisto pizza stone comes with a heavy duty chrome finished rack with handles, allowing for safe and easy transportation of a potentially hot pizza stone. The rack is fully detachable and can be doubled as a stand during serving.

In addition to this, Savisto also includes a complementary stainless steel pizza cutter with a wooden handle to complete the set. Specifically designed to seamlessly cut through pizzas, doughs and pastries, this cutter is an essential must have baking accessory.

Veggie LAD Verdict

It was super easy to use and delivered a very crispy base. I also used it to make delicious Lebanese flatbreads. What I like most about this is it’s an incredibly affordable option compared to buying a pizza oven or even a slab of granite to put in your oven. This does a very impressive job for the price.

Veggie LAD

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