Rawligion, Tottenham St, London – Review

Rawligion Raw Food Restaurant Veggie LAD Review

I’ll admit, ‘raw food’ sets off my fad alarm. I love cooking, it’s my passion and I also don’t think that cooking my food is going to lead me to an untimely death. However, new food experiences excite me so I went with an open mind to Rawligion, London’s newest raw food café. For me there was only one criteria: would it taste good? The answer, was a resounding yes.

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5 Reasons GBK’s Anti-Vegetarian Ad Campaign Was An Epic Fail

It’s one week since GBK agreed to remove some of it’s adverts from the London Underground. Never, since international singing sensation Susan Boyle’s team decided to publicise her new album with the hashtag #Susanalbumparty (wait for it), has there been such a misguided and baffling marketing choice.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why they got it so, so wrong.

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